Fundraising Focus – February 2024

The team at ME Research UK is very grateful for all the support which the charity receives from its active fundraisers. At the best of times fundraising can seem a daunting prospect but without your support we could not continue to inform, influence or invest in ME research globally. Our current projects simply would not be funded.

Feel inspired? Our Fundraising Guide gives tips and links to resourses to get your support off to a flying start.

If fundraising, it is worthwhile to check with your employer to see if they offer a Matched Funding scheme which will add to your fundraising pot.

If you know of any other fundraising opportunities offered by companies – contact us.

Hailed as ‘Flat and Friendly’ the UK’s 2nd largest marathon will see Team Carrier run the April’s adidas Manchester Marathon in aid of ME Research UK. Inspired by a runners’ cousin who “Suddenly went from an active 23-year-old, who took part in a lot of sports and regularly walked in the Peaks and across the Pennine Way…. picked up a virus whilst on holiday which has led to ME… Any of us that have experienced a virus or true flu will understand the feeling of overwhelming fatigue, aches and pains, headaches, nausea etc.”

Coincidentally, Matt Trimby will also be running in the adidas Manchester Marathon in aid of ME Research UK. Matt has a personal interest in ME/CFS as mum, Sue, “is a long-term sufferer …… which has affected her for over 20 years. Since 2019 it has become so severe that it has rendered her effectively housebound and unable to work.”

Colleagues at Highfield Vets will be running in 7th April’s Sheffield half Marathon in support of ME Research UK and the charity, Helping Yorkshire Poundies. Vet, Stacey Galliford’s JustGiving page is now open for donations ME Resesrch UK was chosen as vet Fran is presently bed-bound due to ME/CFS but “Despite her challenges Fran continues to advocate for ME suffers and fight for research into ME/CFS.

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