Research grants

ME Research UK awards research grants for novel clinical and biomedical studies that help to unravel the biology of ME/CFS or point towards treatments. We particularly welcome pilot studies or seed-corn projects that could lead to larger-scale research supported by a government funding agency.

We are happy to consider projects in all areas related to the biology or treatment of ME/CFS, but our main areas of interest currently include the following:

  • Muscle fatigue – underlying mechanisms and potential therapies
  • Brain and nervous system – structural and functional changes
  • Immune system – autoimmunity and the role of specific antibodies
  • Metabolomics and the search for diagnostic biomarkers
  • Symptomatic impact of ME/CFS on other organ systems

ME Research UK does not normally fund research which involves the use of animals. In common with other charitable organisations, ME Research UK does not pay for the indirect costs of research projects. Please see our Standard Grant Conditions for more information.

How to apply

1. Outline Proposal

An Outline Proposal can be submitted at any time using our Outline Proposal Form. This is a brief summary of the proposed project which will normally be reviewed within 2 weeks of receipt. If it is something ME Research UK would potentially support, applicants will be invited to submit a full Grant Application.

2. Full Grant Application

ME Research UK has two funding calls per year. Our next call is likely to be later in 2021 and will be announced in due course. We welcome Outline Proposals at any time (see above).

3. Review Process

Applications will be sent for external review by experts in the field, and then assessed by our Science Committee which will make a recommendation on funding.

4. Decision

After review, applicants will be notified whether or not their application for funding has been successful. Applicants may also be asked to respond to questions raised by the reviewers before a final decision is made.

5. Award

The final decision on funding will be made by our Board of Charity Trustees, and award of a grant is subject to acceptance of our Standard Grant Conditions.

Please send completed forms by email to Dr David Newton at, who can also be contacted if you have any questions about your application or our procedures.

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