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2023 in Review – ME Research UK investing in ME research

ME Research UK exists to inform, influence and invest in biomedical research and, to date, we have invested over £4 million in biomedical research worldwide on 66 distinct projects and funded 5 PhD-level researcher studies. In addition, alongside the Daphne Jackson Trust, we launched a Fellowship to encourage post-doctoral researchers to return to their work and study ME/CFS. There is more to do and we are determined to do more.  In fact,  ME Research UK has funded more specific biomedical research ME/CFS projects than any other charitable organisation in the world outside North America.

ME Research UK’s charitable activities in the current period resulted in a further investment of over £1 million in research covering 6 ME/CFS research projects in 4 countries and 2 PhD-level research grants in 2 countries.

From PhD-level research and post-doctoral fellowships, to project funding, ME Research UK is the only UK charity with laser-like focus on research through the various stages of research globally. With these initiatives, ME Research UK has now funded over £4 million of high-quality ME research since its inception in 2000.

Step-by-step we are helping to build the research infrastructure which has been absent for decades.

In summary, ME Research UK has 19 ongoing studies, including 8 newly funded studies, and 5 PhD-level research projects, and these represent more than £2 million currently invested in ME/CFS research globally. The research for which we have recently awarded funding covers a number of areas of interest, including one study looking at mitochondrial abnormalities, 4 investigating the brain and nervous system, and 3 looking at biomarkers and diagnosis.

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