Current projects

Project grants

Prof. Robert DoreyCharacterising the electrical properties of white blood cells to diagnose ME/CFS
Dr Zack ShanUsing MRI to assess brain neuroinflammation and the lymphatic system in ME/CFS
Prof. Simon CardingDo gut viruses have a role in the development of ME/CFS?
Dr Eliana Lacerda & Prof. Geraldine CambridgeExploring patterns of antibodies in moderate and severe ME/CFS
Prof. Janet TaylorInvestigating spinal nerve cell function and the serotonin system in ME/CFS
Dr Bo BertilsonSearching for ME/CFS biomarkers in blood and cerebrospinal fluid
Dr Amy ProalIdentifying viruses in tissue and nerve samples from ME/CFS patients
Dr Sarah AnnesleyCell-type specificity, molecular scope and epigenetic basis for mitochondrial and cellular dysfunction in ME/CFS
Dr Bhupesh PrustyInfectious triggers and mitochondrial dysfunction in ME/CFS
Mr James AllisonELUCIDATE: Exploring pain and autonomic dysfunction in ME/CFS and temporomandibular disorders
Prof. Jarred YoungerTracking peripheral immune cell infiltration of the brain in ME

PhD-level projects

Dr Doug Barrett & Anosha AltafThe impact of ME/CFS on visual sensory processing and selective attention
Prof. Jo Nijs & Jente Van CampenhoutLinks between mitochondrial function and the autonomic nervous system in ME/CFS
Dr Sarah Annesley & Tina KatsarosCause-effect relationships in the mitochondrial energy inefficiency in ME/CFS
Dr Alfredo Iacoangeli & Luke MarneyIdentification of new classes of genetic susceptibility to ME
Prof. Chris Ponting & Gemma SammsExperimental investigation of genetic risk factors for ME/CFS revealed by the DecodeME project

Recently completed

Prof. Elisa OltraThe effect of activated HERVs and the associated immune response in severe ME/CFS
Prof. Jo Nijs & Prof. Lode GodderisThe role of epigenetic modification of BDNF and HDACs in pain and post-exertional malaise in ME/CFS
Dr Sanjay KumarInvestigating sensory processing and cognitive function in people with ME: a pilot study
Prof. Brett LidburyTwo dimensional sequencing and machine learning to maximise genetic marker detection
Prof. Faisel KhanCombatting oxidative stress
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