Fundraising Focus – August 2023

The team at ME Research UK is very grateful for all the support which the charity receives from its active fundraisers. At the best of times fundraising can seem a daunting prospect but without your support we could not continue to inform, influence or invest in ME research globally. Our current projects simply would not be funded.

Feel inspired? Our Fundraising Guide gives tips and links to resourses to get your support off to a flying start.

If fundraising, it is worthwhile to check with your employer to see if they offer a Matched Funding scheme which will add to your fundraising pot.

If you know of any other fundraising opportunities offered by companies – contact us.

Launched to coincide with Severe ME Awareness Day 2023 Laura OKane has, wutrh the assistance of her father, written a moving poem laying bare the devistating effects of severe ME on her life. Beginning
“Do you know M.E? 
Do you know me?
I’m not the girl I used to be….”

It has swept the internet and raised muched needed funds for ME research.

Catherine Lamont is hosting a coffee morning in aid of ME research on Saturday 9th Sept. She is doing as as her “friend Laura has been seriously ill and has been 24-hour bedbound for 2 years. That’s over 730 days trapped in a hospital bed completely disabled and unable to care for herself. M.E is a horrendous, debilitating illness that has destroyed her life and millions of others.”

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