ME Research UK – Researcher Zone launched

ME Research UK has launched a new X/Twitter feed, namely, the ME Research UK – Reseacher Zone (@MEresearchzone) which will share information and resources for researchers in the field of ME/CFS. This will operate alongside the current general feed – @MEResearchUK but aimed at researchers, whether established or early career.

Content to include –

  • New research papers relating to ME/CFS – both published and a pre-print stage to give researchers the opportunity to be fully informed on all ME/CFS research trends
  • Advertised funding calls for biomedical ME/CFS projects
  • Details and outcomes from relevant conferences and courses
  • News and resources deemed useful to researchers and research students

Information will not be limited to ME Research UK projects but the new feed will include

  • Information on ME Research UK’s activities – including current and past projects and research papers arising
  • Notice of upcoming research calls – including Phd-level, Fellowships, and full grant applications

With this new feed ME Research UK will further advance its aim to inform, influence and invest in ME/CFS research globally.

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