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New project investigating the role of gut viruses in ME/CFS

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ME Research UK is delighted to announce that we have awarded funding to Prof. Simon Carding at the Quadram Institute for a new project investigating the role of gut viruses in ME/CFS. This research is possible thanks to the financial support of the Fred and Joan Davies Bequest.

Our gut is home to many bacteria and viruses comprising the microbiome, which is vital for maintaining health, providing essential nutrients and vitamins, and boosting our immune system. Disturbances of the microbiome are seen in numerous diseases, including ME/CFS, but most studies have focused on the bacteria rather than the viruses (or virome).

Prof. Carding and his team plan a comprehensive analysis of the gut virome in people with ME/CFS, to identify signature viruses that might be involved in the development of the disease, and could represent a new biomarker. They will also look at whether they respond to microbiota transplantation therapy.

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