Last Chance to Vote – ME/CFS Priority Setting Partnership

Deadline Monday 13th December 5pm

Over 1,700 people have now voted for their top ten ME/CFS research priorities. With the deadline fast approaching this is your last chance to join them and vote.

This process aims to give greater voice to people affected by ME/CFS to decide the direction of ME/CFS research and funding than has ever happened before.

The ME/CFS Priority Setting Partnership is led by people with ME/CFS, their supporters and carers, and healthcare professionals working in this area. Through a three stage process the partnership will find the top ten research priorities of people affected by ME/CFS.

How to take part:  

  • ONLINE:  
    • Visit the website to take the survey now
  • BY PHONE:  
    • If you need to complete the survey by phone, please call Helen at the 25% ME Group on 0739 240 3591  

Help the PSP spread the word

The more people who take part the more power this process will hold. Do your bit to help share the survey before it closes.

If you have a family member or friend who supports someone with ME/CFS, they can take part too. Ask them to fill in the survey today.

What happens to my votes?

This tried and tested process has one more stage. A workshop is held to finalise the top ten research priorities. This is done to ensure every perspective is considered, including, for example, people with very severe ME. We’ll put out more details and give everyone an opportunity to apply to be part of this workshop after the survey closes.

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