DeCodeME closes to new participants – The Team thanks you

DecodeME – the world’s largest study into ME/CFS has now closed to new volunteers and it is no longer possible to complete the questionnaire. However, if you have been invited to the DNA stage, and have yet to return your spit kit, please do so by the 31 January 2024.

The team behind DecodeME has issued the following thanks to participants

We have now closed all participant recruitment and would like to thank everyone who has given their precious time and energy to become a participant in DecodeME.

Over 26,000 people have signed up and completed their questionnaire, and over 21,000 have been invited to provide a DNA sample. This is an amazing achievement. Watch our video message here.

We are absolutely delighted to be moving forward to the next stage with such a strong cohort of participants.

Thank you to everyone for your extraordinary participation!

As we now move on to the next stage of the study, our focus is on getting as many spit kits back as possible.

We currently have around 4,000 spit kits that have been sent out and not yet returned.

If you have received your kit, but have not yet returned it, please do so by the 31 January 2024. As there can be unpredictable delays with the post, especially over the holiday season, please post your kit back to us as soon as possible and before this date, if you can.

If you have questions about returning your sample, then our FAQ page has a number of answers that might prove useful.

Each sample returned will strengthen the results of our research, so we really appreciate every kit sent back.

Finally, for a fuller update on the study and what to expect next, you can watch our most recent webinar. Subtitles, a transcript and an audio-only file are available.

Thank you for supporting the study, we couldn’t do this without you!

Warmest wishes,

The DecodeME Team

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