CMRC Conference 2016

Pictured : Prof Julia Newton, Dr Vance Spence (Chairman of ME Research UK), Dr Sarah Knight, Victoria Strassheim, Dr Clive Carter and Prof David Patrick

The 92-page official report of the third UK ME/CFS Research Collaborative (CMRC) scientific conference has been finalised, and can be downloaded as a pdf from Action for ME’s website. The conference was held in Newcastle on 28th and 29th September 2016, and was attended by more than 90 scientists and people affected by ME/CFS. ME Research UK was represented by our Chairman, Dr Vance Spence and Vice-Chair, Mrs Sue Waddell at the event.

The Collaborative was attended by scientists not only from the UK, but also from countries including Canada, Australia and the USA. A range of research topics were explored, including big data, biomarkers, pain and autonomic dysfunction, and attendees had the opportunity to take part in various workshops. A large number of scientists previously funded by ME Research UK were in attendance including:

  • Dr David Patrick, University of British Columbia, Canada (read more)
  • Dr Sarah Knight, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Australia (read more)
  • Prof David Jones, Newcastle University, UK (read more)
  • Dr Jessica Van Oosterwijck, University of Antwerp, Belgium (read more)

The event was live streamed and key presentations are available as a ten-part video on YouTube.

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