Payroll Giving Month – Feb 2024

Charities big and small depend on regular income to fund their work – and ME Research UK is no exception.

Payroll Giving (also known as Give as You Earn (GAYE)) allows a supporter to donate to charity tax-free directly through their salary or from an occupational pension, and is actually a very tax efficient way to give as the donation is calculated after National Insurance is calculated but before income tax is assessed.

A supporter decides how much they wish to give each payday. A £10.00 donation would only ‘cost’ a standard rate tax payer £8.00 and a higher rate tax payer just £6.00 due to the income tax saved. The minimum deduction from pay/pension is £1 per week or £5 per month.

Not all employers will be part of a Payroll Giving scheme but it is worth asking if they are – especailly as many employers will match-fund donations to charities made via Payroll Giving. If employers are members of an approved scheme , then they will arrange the regular donation through the monthly salary payments.

If your employer does not currently offer Payroll Giving, you can ask and encourage them to set one up through an approved Payroll Giving agency.

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