Fundraising Focus – May 2021

The team at ME Research UK is very grateful for all the support which the charity receives from its active fundraisers. At the best of times fundraising can seem a daunting prospect but without your support we could not continue to inform, influence or invest in ME research globally. Our current projects simply would not be funded.

Feel inspired? Our Fundraising Guide gives tips and links to resourses to get your support off to a flying start.

Alice & Emmaline will be turning 2000 cartwheels in aid of ME Research UK during May. With so many cartwheel’s they’ll not know which way is up or down but we can all help get their fundraising in the right direction.

“In April 2017 Daniel caught chicken pox – yes, nasty one – but who would have thought back than that our life will change by 180 degree? Not me..He has never really picked up since and in February 2018 he has resigned from his job and was basically bed bound. ME/CFS the doctors said…wait what? I would never consider myself as a sporty person but I have prepared as much as I could and will attempt a 5k run. I am doing it for my Daniel in hope that one day someone, somewhere, somehow will know how to help him and thousands of others with ME/CFS.”

Marta Ulrich is part of Team Run for M.E. 2021 and raising funds for research.

May also sees the closure of a number of fundraising pages and we are so grateful for everything that everyone has done.

Tabitha Codd was due to be running 1400km around the Wales Coast Path last year for ME Research UK but despite having completed the first stage of 126km run over 3 days in January 2020 her further adventures had to be cancelled due to the pandemic.

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