Blue Sunday 2024 and Concert

Anna Redshaw’s ‘Blue Sunday’ Tea Party For M.E. in aid of various ME charities (including ME Research UK) will be held on Sunday 19th May 2024. Since its launch in 2013, the initiative has raised over £100,000 for charities.

The premise is simple.

  • Wear something blue (pyjamas count!)
  • Dig out your best cups and saucers
  • Bake or buy your favourite cake
  • Post a photo of you little tea party set-up to social media
  • Invite your family and friends to enjoy tea and cake with you, in person or via video call
  • Donate the price you’d pay in a café
  • Connect with others online who are doing the same, by commenting on their photos and posts
  • Feel a part of the in-person tea party

As the perfect accompliment a virtual concert is available to grace the tea party. Isaac’s ‘Blue Sunday – Tea Party for ME – The Concert’ lasts just over 50 min and is introduced by Isaac himself. Featuring 15 songs it features 15 songs it has been staged in honour of Isaac’s sister, Eliana, who has Severe M.E,

To watch please register through Eventbrite by clicking on ‘Reserve a spot’ and making your donation – Once registered, you will be sent a link to the concert footage.

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