ME Research UK is one of nine charities to be supported by Bake4ME/CFS.

Based on themes – with the Coronation (6th May) and The Great Outer Space Bakeoff (5th to 31st May) being the most immediate – this continuing project is sure to find favour with bakers old and new.

Just like a simple recipe there are but a few ingredients for success.

1. DONATE – Bake4ME creators suggest a minimum of £4 per entry but appreciate hugely any amount towards the charity of your choice e.g. ME Research UK.

2. BAKE – As a fun, lighthearted way to raise funds, bakers of all levels and ages are welcome. From 5th May, yhe space themed bake off launches but if you want to enter a Coronation bake before then, please do.

3. ENTER – tag/email/connect. For your bakes to be considered for a prize by the Bake4ME/CFS team you will need to post a photo and tag them on @bake4mecfs #bake4mecfs #cakes4longcovid – if Bake4ME/CFS has not reposted or ‘liked’ your entry after 48 hours then drop them an email

To ensure that those with with ME/CFS, long-Covid, PoTS or any chronic illness are included, several Collaborative Bakers have volunteered to bake on some-one elses behalf. So, if you want to enter a bake but you cannot commit because of your illness/disability, you still get the fun of creative control but Bake4ME/CFS bakers will bake the cake inspired by the idea/concept suggested. Direct Message @BAKE4MECFS or email 

The Outer Space judges are –

Alyssa Carson one of seven ambassadors representing Mars One, a mission to establish a human colony on Mars in 2030 and astronaut trainee.

Jennie Jacques, actress and creator of Bake4ME/CFS.

Kat, ‘The Baking Explorer’.

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