ME Research UK is grateful to be chosen as one of the featured charities for 2019’s Walk for ME scheme.

Now in its 7th consecutive year it has encouraged supporters to walk, run, swim, and riding  in places as diverse as Ireland, Spain, New Zealand and the USA, as well as here in the UK, for two ME biomedical research-focused charities. Since its inception in 2013, Walk for ME has raised over £120,000 including Gift Aid for charity. Wherever you are, we hope you will become involved this year.

The aim of Walk for ME is to get as many people as possible, especially the family and friends of those affected by ME, to do a sponsored walk, run, swim or ride of whatever length they feel comfortable with.

There is no minimum distance, no targets and, although it runs principally through ME Awareness Week (6th to 12th May 2019), no set dates. You choose when you wish to walk, the distance, the location and the charity to support. No matter what you do step-by-step, you will be supporting a great cause and also raising awareness with every stride.

It is hoped that as many friends and loved ones as possible will do a sponsored walk or other sponsored event during ME Awareness Week although you can also do a walk, run, swim or ride at any other time if you prefer.

You are a few steps away from taking part:

  • Set up a fundraising page. JustGiving takes you through each simple stage.
  • Choose ME Research UK as your charity.
  • Click on ‘personal challenge’ and follow the instructions.
  • Click on ‘create your page’ and personalise it. By adding a photo and saying why and for whom you are walking, you are more likely to get donations.
  • Go to the ‘Walk for ME 2019’ team page, scroll down and click on ‘Join the team’, and select your fundraising page to add it to the team.
  • Make contact with us. We are here to help you at every stage and may be able to provide a free t-shirt.

We also have a sponsorship form that you can download and print off.

As the organisers say, “The whole idea is that the friend or family member is doing something that their loved one would love to be able to do but can’t.