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It is estimated that 45 million ink jet cartridges are consigned to landfill annually in the UK alone. Many can be recycled and by doing so a donation generated for ME Resaerch UK.

Help protect the environment and raise money for ME Research UK by recycling ink jet cartridges.

It’s so easy to do as Recycle4Charity will supply a freepost label.

All you need do is to visit their site, provide your name, email address and choose ME Research UK as your charity. 

Most makes of inkjet cartridges are recyclable – HP, Dell, Lexmark, Canon, Samsung, Neopost and Brother, etc. – but please check that your make is eligible. You can place up to 5 in the recycling bag. Just post it to the address on the label (not to us!) and we will receive a donation from Recycle4Charity. You don’t even need a stamp!

The cartridges must not previously have been refilled, be damaged, have additional holes in them, or have peeled-off labels. Only inkjet cartridges are recyclable. These fit in the palm of your hand and have a circuit board and jet plate on the bottom. Only cartridges with circuit boards have a recycling value when empty, so Epson and Kodak cartridges are not recyclable as they are actually just ink tanks (apparently).

Please note – Recycle4Charity no longer accept pre-paid Freepost envelopes.

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