ICD Classification

Posted on 22 Jan 2020

A revised version of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-11) is due to be implemented in January 2022. The ICD is the diagnostic classification standard for all clinical and research purposes, and is therefore highly influential. Its many uses include identifying health trends, and monitoring and reporting diseases, resource allocation, safety and quality. ICD-11 will include a new...

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Latest work from Ron Davis

Posted on 16 Jan 2020

Last month, in his excellent blog, ME/CFS Research Review, Simon McGrath summarised some of the fascinating developments in the work of Stanford researcher, Dr Ron Davis. Dr Davis’s central hypothesis is that there is some factor in the blood plasma of ME/CFS patients that is driving their illness. Plasma is the liquid component of blood in which the blood cells and platelets are carried, but it carries many other components – such as...

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Kiltwalk 2020

Posted on 9 Jan 2020

Shannen Irwin, Cameron Berwick and Blyth Berwick who took part in 2019’s Edinburgh Kiltwalk in aid of ME Research UK. Kiltwalk is a unique charity that enables walkers to raise money for any Scottish charity and, as ME Research UK is based in Perth, we are eligible to participate but we need your help. Thanks to Sir Tom Hunter and the Hunter Foundation every pound raised gains a top-up of 40p. That means for every £100 raised, we will...

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ME/CFS Biomedical Partnership

Posted on 7 Jan 2020

As we reported in November last year, the ME/CFS Biomedical Partnership is planning to make a grant application to the Medical Research Council and the National Institute for Health Research for funding to conduct a very large genetic study (known as a genome-wide association study) into ME/CFS early in 2020. They have set up a website to allow people to sign up for updates and to get involved in the study. For more information,...

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We are recruiting

Posted on 18 Dec 2019

Science and Engagement Director – Full-time ME Research UK is looking for a dynamic and self-motivated individual with sound scientific and research knowledge who relishes challenges and is able to help us raise awareness of our organisation. We would like to appoint a Science and Engagement Director whose main duties would include the encouragement of new and existing ME researchers, and an advisory role on our science committee. Visit...

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Natural born killers

Posted on 4 Dec 2019

Despite their dramatic name, natural killer (NK) cells are actually a very important part of our immune system and help protect us from viruses by killing cells that have been infected. They can also target tumour cells. There is evidence to suggest that the cytotoxicity of NK cells (that is, their ability to destroy other cells) is compromised in some people with ME/CFS, which would have an impact on how well these individuals can fight off...

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