Shifting focus

Posted on 13 Feb 2017

Problems with vision are relatively common among people with ME/CFS, the majority of whom report symptoms such as hypersensitivity to light, difficulties focusing, and dry eyes. But despite their significant impact on quality of life, there is still a lack of scientific research into these symptoms, and they are not included in any clinical and diagnostic guidelines for ME/CFS. Fortunately, scientists such as Dr Claire Hutchinson of the...

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Is mitochondrial function abnormal?

Posted on 12 Jan 2017

Mitochondria are often referred to as the power plants of the body because they are responsible for generating nearly all the energy needed to support life. These kidney bean-shaped structures are found in most cells and are made up of different compartments, each with a specific role related to the metabolism of the cell they inhabit. One of these roles is the generation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule that is used to transport...

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Genetic variation affects adrenergic receptors

Posted on 7 Dec 2016

Given the estimated 20,000 genes that determine the characteristics of human beings (and make up the human genome), identifying those that may be responsible for the development of ME/CFS is a challenge. But the task can be simplified by first considering the symptoms of the disease, and then targeting the search to those genes known to be involved in the underlying processes (for example, the nerve dysfunction that causes difficulties in...

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MEGA research website

Posted on 30 Nov 2016

The ME/CFS Epidemiology and Genomics Alliance (MEGA) has constructed a new website, which went live today. It contains information on the background and aims of the MEGA project, and has a Question and  Answer section (which is also pasted below). Importantly, the website also contains draft terms of reference for the Patient Advisory Group, and invites applications from people wishing to join the group; these can be people with ME/CFS, their...

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Virgin Money London Marathon 2017

Posted on 16 Nov 2016

Following an open competition to choose a runner to fill ME Research UK’s guaranteed charity place in the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon, supporter Tom Whittingham has been picked to wear bib number 55102. The Virgin Money London Marathon is the largest annual fundraising event on the planet – runners have raised over £750 million for good causes since the race began in 1981. On being informed of his success, Tom said, “I am so...

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NEW STUDY – Genetic marker detection

Posted on 6 Nov 2016

Prof Brett Lidbury and colleagues at the John Curtin School of Medical Research, Australian National University in Canberra are conducting an ongoing programme, funded by charities in Australia, which aims to find biomarkers for ME/CFS using a range of sources – bioinformatics, genetics and pathological testing. ME Research UK has provided funding to the group to acquire additional genetic data using DNA pooling. It will then be possible to...

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