Contacting supporters

Word of mouth

Word of mouth is the most effective kind of promotion, so tell your friends, relations, work colleagues and everyone in your neighbourhood, social club, church or organisation what you are doing and why. Remember that your core support will come from these groups. Put notices in your staff or social group newsletter and use community news boards (e.g., at local supermarkets) and anywhere else you can think of.


Send an e-mail to your friends and colleagues asking for support. Remember to let them know why their support is so important and how they can sponsor you. This is an ideal way to inform them about your online fundraising page. Give them details of what you are doing and when it is happening, and keep them updated as to progress.

Social Media

Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) are great ways to tell people about your event and encourage them to raise money for our vital work. Remember to:

  • Post a link to your online fundraising page on your personal profile.
  • Let all your friends know why you’re fundraising and how they can help.
  • Keep your friends updated on your fundraising progress.


Most digital compact cameras have movie modes, so try your hand at making a short film about your event to post on YouTube. It could be about what you’re doing and why, or while you’re doing it. Keep it original, creative and short and upload it onto your online fundraising page so that people can see what you’re doing and why. Make sure you tag it with keywords like ‘charity’, ‘fundraising’ and ‘ME Research UK’. This will make it easier for people to find. Post links on your own Facebook page and talk about it in your Twitter feed.

JustGiving has some excellent advice and tips.

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