Investigating spinal nerve cell function and the serotonin system in ME/CFS

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ResearcherProf. Janet Taylor
InstitutionEdith Cowan University, Australia
Start dateJune 2023
Funded byME Research UK, with the financial support of the Irish ME/CFS Association
AimsReduced muscle strength in people with ME/CFS may be due to problems with the nerves that drive these muscles, specifically those nerves in the spinal cord that supply the muscle fibres and control our movements. Prof. Taylor and her team plan to record the electrical activity of these nerves during muscle contractions, comparing people with ME/CFS and control subjects. They will also look at whether any abnormalities are due to a reduced action of serotonin, a chemical that carries messages between nerves. The findings may help us better understand the muscle problems experienced by people with ME/CFS, and lead to more effective treatments.

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