Fundraising News

Team Run for M.E. 2023

We are a small group of parents, friends and family of someone living with ME/CFS. On 7 & 21 May 2023, as part of ‘Walk for ME’, we will be doing a sponsored run or walk to raise awareness, show support and hopefully raise some funds towards much needed research, for everyone affected by ME and their families.

Over the past few years, Claire Carter and friends have raised thousands of pounds for ME research and this year has seen phenomenal support – from cycling walking, to bake sales – the team has done it all.

Highlights included

  • Sarah Spence and friends parkrun cakesale
  • Scarlet and sister Amber, postponed their cake sale and walk as Scarlet, who has ME, has not been well enough to participate but plans are already being made for future events
  • Sarah Spence, and friends Lucy, Sarah and Helen (the blue tutu ladies!) half marathon in Oxfordshire
  • Rachel Saint’s 50km bike ride and 10k run in Kent
  • Emma Fowles’ c50km bikeride in Surrey
  • Katie, Jon and Alexs’ 10km run in Cornwall
  • Rachel Pryke’s 10km run in Devon (with dog)
  • Claire Carter’s half marathon in Cornwall
  • Niki Flowers’ 10k run in Kent
  • Jo Fiore and Paul Watson’s Ride London-Essex 100
  • and not forgetting Claire Carter & Leo painting their nails blue, as so did Paul!

Thank you all!

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