Tea with me

.. being kind and helping and loving people is what gives humans the greatest pleasure…

Miranda Hart’s ‘Chamble’- 10th April 2020

During ME Awareness Week, ME Research UK normally encourages supporters to hold a fundraising and awareness raising Tea for ME event. Due shielding and social distancing requirement this will not be possible in May 2020.

Instead, we wish to encourage supporters to have a ‘Tea with me’. It is not a fundraiser, merely an encouragement on 12th May (International ME Awareness Day) to reach out to those whom we know are affected by ME, their family and their carers and to have a virtual cuppa together – a brew for ME rather than turning blue for ME .

It is an opportunity to have a chat, to catch-up and to (re)connect. It might only be an email, a quick telephone call or a skype, zoom or facetime face-to-face but it might just mean a huge amount in these days of isolation to someone living and coping with the reality of a chronic illness.

Those in your social circle will know that contact on some days and times and for any length of time may not be possible but will still wish to reach out even indirectly to carers and the families of those affected.

This year is different in so many ways and so, for International ME Awareness Day, let us mark what Miranda says gives humans the greatest pleasure – being kind, helping and loving.

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