Identifying viruses in tissue and nerve samples from ME/CFS patients

ResearcherDr Amy Proal
InstitutionPolyBio Research Foundation, USA
Start dateMay 2023
Funded byME Research UK with the financial support of the Gordon Parish Charitable Trust
AimsDr Proal and her team are using new computer-based technologies to search for viruses in tissue and nerve samples from people with ME/CFS. The viruses most associated with ME/CFS – especially polio-type enteroviruses and herpesviruses – can infect nerves and ‘hide’ in tissue, and may therefore not clear from the body after the initial infection. The team plans to clarify if this viral activity contributes to the disease process in ME/CFS, and to identify which specific viral species are most involved. This may also help identify targeted treatments for the disease.

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