DVD Presentation

The short lecture, Energising Biomedical Research in ME/CFS, by Dr Vance Spence, Chairman of ME Research UK, is now available. This film discusses some issues and challenges involved in researching the illness, and gives a brief overview of some of our recent research, including some listed on our research pages. As there is an urgent need for biomedical (as opposed to psychosocial) research into this illness, the main aim of the DVD is to energise ME research and concentrate minds on this aspect. However, it also allows patients who are unable to travel to meetings to hear about our work in the comfort of their own homes, and it enables people without internet access to get a flavour of the work in hand.

A complimentary copy of this short film has been sent to all the people in our Friends scheme, and to all the organisations making up our Corporate and Group Friends who could find its contents useful and interesting. We have some additional copies available, so please contact our headquarters to request a copy (suggested donation £5 for additional copies to help towards production and p&p).

Our intention is for this to be the first in a series of films designed to energise ME research in its broadest sense.

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