Muscle function and metabolism

AnnesleyInsights from ME/CFS research that illuminate long COVID
TomasUse of glucose for energy production in muscle cells from patients with ME/CFS
TomasThe effect of myalgic encephalomyelitis/ chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) severity on cellular bioenergetic function
TomasMitochondrial complex activity in permeabilised cells of chronic fatigue syndrome patients using two cell types
BrownPharmacological activation of AMPK and glucose uptake in cultured human skeletal muscle cells from patients with ME/CFS
TomasMetabolic abnormalities in chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis: a mini-review
TomasCellular bioenergetics is impaired in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome
BrownAbnormalities of AMPK activation and glucose uptake in cultured skeletal muscle cells from individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome
IckmansRecovery of peripheral muscle function from fatiguing exercise and daily physical activity level in patients with multiple sclerosis: A case control study
IckmansCan recovery of peripheral muscle function predict cognitive task performance in chronic fatigue syndrome with and without fibromyalgia?
IckmansRecovery of upper limb muscle function in chronic fatigue syndrome with and without fibromyalgia
JonesLoss of capacity to recover from acidosis on repeat exercise in chronic fatigue syndrome: a case–control study
HollingsworthImpaired cardiovascular response to standing in chronic fatigue syndrome
JonesAbnormalities in pH handling by peripheral muscle on 31P magnetic resonance spectroscopy and potential regulation by sympathetic autonomic function in chronic fatigue syndrome
RobinsonPlasma IL-6, its soluble receptors and F2-isoprostanes at rest and during exercise in chronic fatigue syndrome
TaubTolerance to repeated maximal exercise in ME/CFS
PaulPhysiological cost of walking in those with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS): a case–control study
HollingsworthPilot study of peripheral muscle function in primary biliary cirrhosis: potential implications for fatigue pathogenesis

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