ME Research UK attracts some donations from Grant-making Trusts and Foundations. We are grateful for their continued support, and we can see donations from such charitable bodies becoming increasingly important as sources of income for our charity.

Donations from grant-making trusts can be allocated towards any of our current medical research projects or can be used to provide equipment for research units we fund. They can also be directed into our educational or meetings/conferences programmes to help cover the costs of producing informative material and organising events.

Every trust application is tailored to meet the precise requirements of the trust concerned and, having made a grant to ME Research UK, the donating trust is kept informed about the progress of their chosen project.

Trusts donating to ME Research UK can choose to receive our biannual magazine, Breakthrough (read past issues here), and also automatically receive the Annual Review and Audited Accounts.

If you are a Trustee of a Grant-making Trust and would like to help support the work of ME Research UK, or find out more about us, please e-mail Dr Neil Abbot at Headquarters ( or telephone us on 01738 451234.