The principal aim of ME Research UK is to commission and fund scientific (biomedical) investigation into the causes, consequences and treatment of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (also known as ME/CFS). We also have a mission to ‘Energise ME Research’, and our in-house team aims to ‘energise ME research’ by identifying potentially important areas for future biomedical research, producing high-quality professional reviews and reports, presenting research at meetings and conferences, and hosting international conferences.

In pursuit of these aims, ME Research UK will fund research which aims to improve our knowledge of ME/CFS, or which moves towards developing therapies to alleviate or cure it. Our priority is to support novel clinical and biomedical studies, and we fund the work of a growing number of scientists in the UK and worldwide.

ME Research UK invites applications which can come in on its Outline Proposal Form or the main Grant Application Form (download them from there). To qualify for a grant, research proposals must demonstrate the following:

  • Relevance — Having a clear pathway from hypothesis to potential advance in knowledge about ME/CFS and its consequences.
  • Originality — Advancing what is already known.
  • Excellence — As gauged by our peer review process.
  • Sustainability — Conducted in an established Academic Institution; e.g., University or Medical School, or within the NHS itself.
  • Financial need — No other obvious funding source.

All our grants are competitive and are subject to peer review, being rigorously assessed, both prior to award and subsequent to completion. They will be expected to demonstrate progress in furtherance of knowledge about ME/CFS, targeting of future research, and policy or health benefits for patients.

Our funding targets are set out below:

Flowchart of funding targets

Flowchart of funding targets