ME Research UK is keen to expand its portfolio of funded research studies. Our priority is novel clinical and biomedical studies that help to unravel the biology of ME/CFS, and studies that may point towards therapeutic strategies. We particularly welcome applications for pilot studies or seed-corn projects, including those which seek support for consumables rather than staff costs, from researchers anywhere in the world.

Researchers can send us a summary of their research project on our outline application form, allowing us to give an opinion about its suitability and feasibility, without requiring submission of a full application.

Full applications can be submitted at any time (although we strongly recommend that you send us an outline first), and can include items of medical equipment, consumables associated with laboratory tests, or salaries. Larger grants are subject to annual review.

Application forms are available below, in MS Word format. Right-click the link to save the file onto your computer.

All applications will be reviewed by external referees and the members of our Scientific Advisory Panel. Please read our research policy and procedures, and contact us for advice or more information. Award of a grant is conditional on acceptance of ME Research UK’s standard grant conditions, and all awards will be subject to regular review.