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ME Research UK — June 2024 e-newsletter

Welcome to the June 2024 edition of ME Research UK’s monthly newsletter.

New ME Research UK-funded projects

This month, ME Research UK is delighted to announce the funding of two new research projects. Prof. François Jérôme Authier and colleagues will assess neurocognitive impairment in people with ME/CFS. Dr Rob Wüst aims to identify microclots in the muscle and blood of people with ME/CFS and investigate their relationship to post-exertional malaise. The latter project was made possible thanks to the generosity and fundraising of our supporters, including those who donated during the 2023 Big Give campaign.

Furthermore, as part of a wider project supervised by Dr Zack Shan, Kiana Kothe, a PhD student, will explore inflammation markers in ME/CFS to help shed light on the complexities of the disease.

Prof. François Jérôme Authier (top); Dr Rob Wüst (2nd row left); Kiana Kothe (2nd row right)

Research articles

Cort Johnson, writing exclusively for ME Research UK, explores muscle abnormalities identified in recent ME/CFS research and how these may contribute to symptoms of the disease. He discusses Rob Wüst’s recent long COVID study, which Dr Wüst is following up with an ME/CFS study funded by ME Research UK.

A study in Denmark aimed to describe the medical and social conditions of the most severely ill ME patients. The researcher narrated the experiences of nineteen participants, who have been severely ill for an average of around 10 years and were diagnosed using the International Consensus Criteria. The study presents a bleak view of life with severe ME and the support available in the country.

Pain is a major symptom reported by many individuals with ME/CFS and is a key feature of small fibre neuropathy (SFN), a comorbidity of ME/CFS. SFN is also associated with a wide range of other symptoms, such as ‘pins and needles’ and gastrointestinal issues. We have summarised key research related to ME/CFS, including underlying mechanisms and management. 

Walk for ME

ME Research UK is grateful to be chosen as one of two featured charities for the Walk for ME scheme.

The aim of Walk for ME is to get as many people as possible to do a sponsored walk, run, swim or ride of whatever length they feel comfortable with. Please help support the team, or you could even organise your own event.

The Big Give

Last year, ME Research UK participated in The Big Give Christmas Challenge and supporters raised over £30,000 of much-needed funds to invest in ME/CFS research globally. This year we would like to increase the amount of research we can fund by raising even more through The Big Give. Read about how the Big Give works and become a Pledger today. 

Help us make the breakthrough

We know that, as a subscriber to our newsletter and someone who is interested in our work, you join us in the belief that only robust scientific research is the key to understanding ME/CFS.

Donations from our valued supporters are vital if we are to continue our work to inform, influence and invest in ME/CFS research globally.

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