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Irish ME/CFS Association award to ME Research UK

ME Research UK is delighted to have been awarded €9000 by The Irish ME/CFS Association in its latest round of support for ME research. The award is made by the Trustees taking into account the Association members votes – which makes this grant so very special. Members were asked how they would wish €32,000 from the Association’s research fund to be used (one of the options being to retain the money) and we are proud to have been chosen.

Over many years, the Irish ME/CFS Association has been a staunch supporter of ME Research UK’s work and, since 2018, we have received €22,000 and the charity is most grateful for the latest grant as this builds upon a long and successful collaboration.

It is acknowledged that the past year has been difficult for us all. ME Research UK has supported our researchers and granted extensions to project dates but has also experienced the busiest period in its history in terms of grant applications and has launched a new PhD funding programme. With the Irish ME/CFS Association’s support, we will continue to invest in innovative research globally.

ME Research UK

  • Delivers on the research promised
  • Can be trusted to manage funds entrusted to us
  • Operates as a professional, research-only organisation
  • Invests in sound, scientifically justified, biomedical research
  • Enjoys a global reach with a small team ensuring best value for money
  • Has a proven track record in research and trusted by scientists and people with ME alike.
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