Fundraising Focus – September 2021

The team at ME Research UK is very grateful for all the support which the charity receives from its active fundraisers. At the best of times fundraising can seem a daunting prospect but without your support we could not continue to inform, influence or invest in ME research globally. Our current projects simply would not be funded.

Feel inspired? Our Fundraising Guide gives tips and links to resourses to get your support off to a flying start.

Sarah Spence will be taking part in the half marathon ‘Beyond Badminton Trial’ on 18th September in support of our research work.

“I am running the 1/2 marathon to raise funds for for ME Research UK because Biomedical research is desperately needed.”

Cormac Diamond will be running in the Windsor Half Marathon 2021, on 26 September 2021 in aid of ME Research UK.

In support of friend Alice, Jeanette Sidebottom will be raising £s by losing lbs in her weight loss challenge.

My friend Alice had glandular fever when she just turned 18. She was diagnosed with ME when she was 19 and she is now 29.  Alice says “ME has taken away what are supposed to be the best years of your life”. If Alice wants to go out to a family event she has to rest for a few days beforehand. She then has to recuperate for days afterwards…..She hasn’t been able to do all the things she should have done in the last 10 years (being young, single and carefree, meeting her future husband, getting married, starting a family); the list goes on.

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