Forward-ME Statement concerning NICE Sept 2021 meeting

Following upon NICE’s announcement of an independently chaired meeting to discuss progress on publication of the guideline on diagnosis and management of ME/CFS, the Forward-ME group has issued the following statement –

Forward-ME have now had a number of direct communications with NICE regarding the delay, in which we have shared the concerns of the wider ME community. 

The guideline development process was robust and there is broad recognition that it stands up to scrutiny. It is clear that any guideline produced by this method should be published in full, and we are committed to achieving that.

Forward-ME does recognise that the support of all stakeholders would benefit the roll-out of the new guidelines, and we understand the challenges that NICE have in achieving this.

While we remain cautious about the situation, we are confident that any round-table will be conducted in good faith, and are reassured by the discussions we have had so far.

If the Round Table does not reach the desired outcome with full publication of the new guidelines, Forward-ME and our members will take every possible step to ensure the final guidelines in their current form are published in full. Plans are in development to ensure we can act robustly if needed.

People with ME deserve better, and we will continue to work together to achieve that.

Forward-ME 27th August 2021

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