Forward-ME Group’s open letter concerning GET & COVID-19

In response to current COVID-19 events and the potential uptake and use of graded exercise therapy (GET) by ‘long-haulers’ – either advised by healthcare professionals or self-administered – Forward-ME has issued an open letter to clinicians and allied healthcare professionals urging against the use of GET in light of possible adverse outcomes, and highlighting NICE’s concerns over the therapy’s use in cases where ME/CFS has not been diagnosed, and without heeding restrictions narrated in the appropriate NICE guideline.

Read the letter here

Forward-ME consists of a broad spectrum of charities and voluntary organisations invited by the Countess of Mar to meet from time to time. The aim of Forward-ME is to promote effective joint working by ME and CFS organisations to maximise impact on behalf of all people with ME and CFS in the UK. The group exists to improve recognition, understanding, research, management, support and information for everyone whose life is affected by ME and CFS.

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