e-newsletter – June 2023

New projects announced

We were delighted to announce awards for funding for three new projects over the last few weeks. These awards fund researchers in:

  • Australia – where PhD-level research is looking at issues with energy production in the cells of people with ME/CFS;
  • USA – where researchers in a number of institutions will be using new technologies to identify viruses in tissue and nerve samples from people with ME/CFS; and
  • Sweden – where investigators are searching for biomarkers of ME/CFS in blood and cerebrospinal fluid samples.
We recently awarded PhD-level funding to Tina Katsaros & Dr Sarah Annesley
at La Trobe University, Australia

The Big Give

Last year, ME Research UK participated in The Big Give Christmas Challenge and raised over £20,000 of much-needed funds to invest in ME research globally. This year, we would like to increase this and fund even more. You can help by becoming a Pledger. Pledging funds means that your pledge will encourage others to give and may allow us to attract a Charity Champion who will match-fund even more donations. Pledges can be made until 1st September. Full details are on our website.

Conference season

Representatives of ME Research UK attended two ME/CFS research conferences in recent weeks, and have written about their highlights of the many fascinating findings reported at ‘Understand, Diagnose, Treat’ in Berlin (virtual attendance) and the Invest in ME Conference in Cambridge.

Breakthrough magazine

The Spring issue of Breakthrough magazine is now available to read online, with articles on mitochondrial abnormalities, epigenetic alterations, large-scale research funding for ME/CFS, and more.

And much more

We have also published several articles on our website over the last couple of months, including pieces looking at hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the misdiagnosis of Lyme disease and ME/CFS and the importance of biomarkers for ME/CFS. Head over to our website catch up.

Help us make the breakthrough

We know that, as a subscriber to our newsletter and someone who is interested in the work we support, you join us in the belief that robust scientific research is the key to understanding ME.

Donations from our valued supporters allow us to invest in many more vital studies into ME around the world, like those highlighted above.

If you are able, please consider making a donation to ME Research UK to help continue our work.

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