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Big Give Christmas Challenge 2024 – Pledge Update

Thanks to our wonderful supporters we have been able to raise our Pledge target from £10,000 to £12,500. Pledge are accepted until 5pm 30th August 2024. All funds raised via the Big Give Christmas Challenge will be invested in research.

Last year, ME Research UK raised over £30,000 of much-needed funds to invest in ME research globally – this year we would like to do more. Although we have not yet reported it ourselves, ME Research UK extended its funding of Prof Barnden’s brain imaging research at Griffith University. Much has been achieved thus far by the Australian team and the excitement of having the opportunity to delve more deeply into the topic is clear from their statements

We’re hoping the 7T multimodal MRI approach will be instrumental in tracking the progression of the disease [ME/CFS] over a three-year period giving us a better understanding of the neurobiological basis of ME-CFS,” Associate Professor Barnden said. .. “By tracking disease progression, it should also help to identify potential biomarkers… This grant will build upon our recently published unique findings in ME/CFS using this technology, which we have pioneered in this field on a national scale.

ME/CFS progression in focus with $438,000 grant – Griffith News

The Big Give set a minimum Pledge of £100 but no Pledge money will be collected until after the Big Give Christmas Challenge ends and the maximun amount asked will never be above the sum pledged.

We appreciate that £100 is a large sum but Pledges are key to the campaign’s success as

  1. Other supporters are more likely to contribute to ME Research UK during the 7 days of The Big Give if they know that their donation will be matched by a Pledger. One pledge, twice the impact. Conversely, donors may look elsewhere if they see their donation will not be doubled.
  2. If we secure sufficient pledges then we may be chosen by a Big Give Champion who will contribute even more to the pot. Last year £5000 was received from the Reed Foundation who chose ME Research UK to support in this way.

Read how the Big Give works from our website.

Big Give Christmas Challenge 2024

Pledge until 30th August 2024

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