Art in Aid of ME Research UK

In tribute to the memory of his best friend, Emily Gregg, the artist Mel Elston-Mendones has created art for sale inspired by Emily and in aid of ME Research UK.

Emily, a happy, sociable and friendly person, was a police constable with Hampshire Constabulary, and passed away on the 17th November 2014 having been severely affected by ME/CFS. She was a great supporter of Mel’s art and design; believed in his talent and encouraged him. After her passing, it took him 4 years before he could return to painting – Mel started painting once more on January 2019.

Mel’s flower paintings are inspired by people he knows with each flower design representing someone – Emily is the daisy. From his designs, he has developed a range of products, based on flower paintings with 50% of all profits from the sale of items featuring his daisy design being donated to ME Research UK.

Items for sale on itsy range from t-shirts to mugs and wristbands. All are striking, highly colourful and unique designs.

In addition, Mel has started a Just Giving page to raise funds for ME Research UK.

To view more of Mel’s work – see the Saatchi Gallery website

Mel’s Inspiration

Emily Gregg on her dream trip to Australia

“Emily went from a wonder woman, with extraordinary strength, determination and focus to someone unrecognisable, someone who could not feed, clothe or bathe herself, she was reliant on carers to do the normal day to day things for her. A picture of Emily is shown here, when she made her dream trip to Australia on her own. In the picture, she is wearing a bracelet that I made for her, for me this meant that I was never far from her, even when she was half way around the world, I was very much close to her.

Emily was a great supporter of charities and social causes and just like me did not like injustice and inequality. She became a PC in Hampshire’s Constabulary, as she felt this would be a good way of using her emphatic skills within the community. She had studied Acupuncture at university, which is where we met, we would have been friends now for about 20 years.

I am fundraising in aid of ME Research UK and have developed a range of products that has the daisy design on, to help with the fundraising. I believe this is what Emily would have wanted me to do, to use my skills and also raise awareness of this illness. She would like me to do this in aid of ME Research UK, so that they can continue with their amazing research into treatments and hopefully a cure.

On November the 17th 2019, it will be 5 years, to the day when she passed away, this would be the day I would like to make as the target date in which I would like to raise an initial £1,000 in aid of ME Research UK, as I think this would be a fitting tribute to her.

I lost my best friend, to this terrible illness, I thought that we would share our entire lives together, grow old, have many experiences, memories and adventures together. I thought we would be confiding in each other and celebrating key milestones and anniversaries, sadly this is not to be. I know that I am not the only one who was affected by Emily passing away, her family and friends also have been affected. My hope is that other people do not have to go through this turmoil and heartache and that treatment and a potential cure is found soon. Please give whatever you can, this would be very much appreciated and it would raise vital funds for ME Research UK.” Mel

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