The electronic version of our Spring 2014 “Breakthrough” magazine is now online. 

This issue contains coverage of ME Research UK-funded research on the brain (laser-evoked potentials and cerebral blood flow), the impaired movement of the eyes, weakness in the upper limbs, and much more…


Interrogating the brain
New studies looking at laser-evoked potentials and brain blood flow

Eye movement dysfunction
Assessing problems with vision

Delayed recovery of muscle strength
Measuring muscle function during and after exercise

Severe ME/CFS
A summary of what we know about people with severe illness

Heat shock protein 60
Investigating evidence of infection in ME/CFS

A bedside diagnostic tool?
Testing for autonomic nervous system dysfunction

Research bites
Lyme disease, diagnostic criteria, sleep loss, gluten sensitivity, graded exercise,multivitamins, the voice of the patient, and more

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