ME & FMS International Awareness Day is May 12th, and Graticast presenter Chip Colquhoun and friends are inviting you to help make a music video to raise awareness!

As Chip says, “Whatever physical shape you are in because of your illness, we would like to include a video of you singing along, and/or playing an ‘air instrument’ to a special song written to help raise awareness of the need for biomedical research into the two debilitating diseases ME and fibromyalgia. The video will be shown through The Graticast YouTube channel, and the song will be sent to major radio stations.

As he explains,

* Your video will be handled sensitively. We are doing this to let people know the seriousness of these illnesses, and the power of our collective desire to defeat it.

* We will not use the sound from your video, only the visual – so don’t worry about the quality of your singing/playing.

* Your “air instrument” can be anything… a book as a drum, a frying pan as a guitar, or even thin air itself!

All you need is a device that can record video, such as a smartphone or a tablet. Please record in landscape (horizontally).

To take part, just email graticast ( and you’ll receive a link to a DropBox folder with the song. Listen, enjoy, then record your video and upload it to the DropBox folder by 6th May. Simples!

Chip and the team look forward to hearing from you! Their weekly ‘Graticasts’ have been running for over a year now, and they aim to raise awareness of the illness by helping the general public look on the bright side of life. They aren’t specifically about ME, but the illness always gets a mention, and you can subscribe to Chip’s feeds for free.