Every year, the ME Association takes part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge. This year, it is using the scheme to try to raise £100,000 to help develop our UK ME/CFS Biobank, based at the University College London/Royal Free Hospital and run by staff at the London School for Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

The establishment of the Biobank was funded by a consortium of charities (ME Research UK, the ME Association, Action for ME) plus a private donor, and it subsequently obtained continuing funding – £1,029,411 over three years – from the USA’s National Institutes of Health. The idea behind the Big Give Christmas Challenge is to support further future development of this resource.

To achieve the ambitious target for this year’s online appeal, it is necessary to have pledges in place from people of goodwill – the pledges need to come to a total of £25,000. Further information is available from the appeal webpage, and the Biobank team have put together a short video to help the Big Give campaign along – view it at the Biobank’s Cure-ME webpage.