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Heart volume and function, DNA biomarkers, research funding levels, telomere shortening

Cutting-edge gene research, microRNAs as biomarkers, oxidative stress, genetic database

Visual stress, neurological biomarkers in youngsters, experience of fatigue, quality of life in children


Symptoms & definitions, immune dysfunction, the genetics of ME/CFS, rituximab study.


New projects, ME/CFS biobank, vitamin D, SNP analysis, epigenetic changes.


Severe ME/CFS, vitamin D, vision problems, neuroinflammation.


£1 million of biomedical research: An overview of the projects you have helped us to fund


Interrogating the brain, eye movement dysfunction, muscle strength, severe ME/CFS.

Breakthrough Spring 2013

Abnormal visual attention, immunological mechanisms, POTS.

Breakthrough Spring 2013

Diagnosis criteria, UK Biobank and Disease Register, effects of age.


Microbiological markers, pain sensitivity, cancer risk, cardiac function.


Visual function, MRC awards, endothelial damage, XMRV update.


New ME/CFS biobank, muscle recovery, diagnosis, XMRV update.


Effects of exercise, XMRV update, pain relief, orthostatic symptoms.


Experiences of pain, muscle abnormalities, anniversary special.


Quality of life of children, exercise and pain, the XMRV virus.


Search for a genetic biomarker, exercise and interleukin-6, a royal visitor.


New look magazine, MRI studies of autonomic function, commentary on the NICE Clinical Guideline.


New Horizons conference 2008, vitamin D and cardiovascular function, research challenges, MRC ME/CFS funding.


Blood vessel stiffness and inflammation, exercise testing, genetic studies, NICE guidelines, brain neuroimaging.


Autonomic nervous system function, conference report, gene signature studies in ME/CFS.


New Horizons conference, new research from Dundee, interleukin-6, NICE guidelines, parliamentary enquiry results, activation markers.


Gibson parliamentary enquiry, recently funded projects, muscular and neurological aspects of ME, Glasgow research colloquium.


Oxidative stress and genes, exercise and muscle activity, genetic biomarkers, brain gray matter loss.


Young people with ME/CFS, pain therapies, cholinergic abnormalities, muscle abnormalities.