Do you care passionately about the future of research into ME/CFS?

Are you willing and able to make a vital contribution to the continued funding of research into ME/CFS?

If so, ME Research UK needs you!

We hope to encourage our supporters to become active fundraisers on our behalf. Ambassadors will be free to fundraise how they wish and we will provide as much support as we can. Our aim is to have Ambassadors operate independently and in ways most suited to their abilities and localities.

Some may decide to undertake or organise a fundraising event for us, while others may involve family, friends or work colleagues (for example, encouraging payroll giving at work). However an Ambassador decides to operate they will be assured our support and gratitude.

ME Research UK has achieved a considerable amount since our foundation in the year 2000, but there is so much more that desperately needs to be done. We are the only charity in the UK which solely funds research into ME/CFS across a broad range of scientific disciplines, but we receive no government funding.

Through our own efforts and the invaluable support of individuals and trusts, we have invested over £1 million in a variety of biomedical research projects. Biomedical research is expensive and becoming more so, which is why we need to broaden our fundraising base and call upon the talents of our supporters. If we can harness the enthusiasm and talent of our supporters then we can achieve much, much more.

This initiative is your chance to become involved and to make a real difference. It involves commitment, but the rewards of knowing that your contribution will make a real difference will be immense.

Click the following button to read a letter from our Founding Ambassador, Mrs Betty McRae.

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And if you wish to apply, please click the following button to download a quick and simple form to complete.

Read ME Research UK’s Ambassador Policy here.

We hope that you will join us in making a difference.