ME Research UK & the CMRC

Posted on 4 Nov 2016

ME Research UK is committed to commissioning, promoting and supporting high quality biomedical research into ME/CFS. We strive to achieve this not only through our own efforts but also via our membership of the ME/CFS Research Collaborative. When ME Research UK joined the Collaborative it did so in a spirit of goodwill and co-operation with the aim of furthering the cause of biomedical research; however as with all other member charities, we...

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Retirement of Neil Abbot

Posted on 27 Oct 2016

Our Research & Operations Director, Dr Neil  Abbot, retires this week after 15 years service. At his recent retirement lunch, he explained that reaching retirement age was a new experience, sobering in many ways but also the start of a new phase of life. Fortunately, he will continue to be involved with the charity in a voluntary capacity as Hon Secretary to the Scientific Advisory Board, allowing continuity in dealing with research...

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Nose and throat inflammation

Posted on 19 Oct 2016

There are many different triggers for ME/CFS. In most people, the illness starts with an infection, often viral, but others report a vaccination or immunisation as the initial event. Although there has been very little research on this particular aspect, one Belgian report from 2002 found a small cluster of cases (around 5% of more than 1500 patients) where hepatitis B vaccination could have been involved in the initiation of ME/CFS  (read...

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ME/CFS funding report

Posted on 29 Sep 2016

A report into the funding of ME/CFS by major institutional funders over the past decade was unveiled today at the UK ME/CFS Research Collaborative (CMRC) conference in Newcastle (read the report; pdf). The CMRC had commissioned ÜberResearch to interrogate its Dimensions database for relevant funding information on ME/CFS in comparison with other diseases. Surprisingly, there had never been an analysis of research funding into ME/CFS, so a clear...

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CMRC conference 2016

Posted on 28 Sep 2016

Today marks the start of the third UK ME/CFS Research Collaborative (CMRC) Annual Science Conference in Newcastle. To facilitate travel for speakers and visitors, the venue is the 3-star Novotel at Newcastle Airport, the same venue as 2015. The first day of the conference is open to researchers and all CMRC members, while tomorrow is open to researchers only. Download the latest 2016 CMRC conference programme (pdf). The plan is to livestream as...

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Breakthrough Autumn 2016

Posted on 21 Sep 2016

The electronic version of our Autumn 2016 Breakthrough magazine is now online. Download a pdf or read it online. The contents include ME Research UK-funded research on the role of microRNAs as biomarkers in ME/CFS, and and other cutting-edge genetic research; short essays on changes in brain white matter, and walking and coordination problems; and many shorter ‘research bites’. The magazine is free to patients and their families,...

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